Replacing the battery, User’s guide iq-18w – Casio IQ-18W User Manual

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Low battery power is indicated when timekeeping slows or stops completely. Should either of these symptoms
occur, replace the battery immediately. Do not leave a low or dead battery in the clock.

To replace the battery

1. Remove the battery cover.

• Rotate the battery cover so its

mark moves from CLOSE to OPEN.

2. Remove the old battery.
3. Load a new battery, making sure that its positive (+) and negative (–) ends are facing correctly.

• Loading a battery incorrectly can cause it to burst and damage the clock.

4. Replace the cover.

• Place the battery cover onto the clock so its

mark is initially aligned with OPEN. Next, rotate the cover so


mark moves from OPEN to CLOSE.

• The battery cover can fall off or water can get into the clock if the cover’s

mark is not pointed at CLOSE.

• Dirt or dust on the battery compartment gasket can allow water to get into the clock. Use a soft, dry cloth to

wipe the gasket clean before replacing the battery cover.

Battery precautions
• Keep batteries out of the reach of small children. If a battery is accidentally swallowed, contact your physician


• Be sure to load the battery with its positive (+) and negative (–) ends facing correctly.
• Never charge the battery that comes with the clock.
• Should a battery ever leak while in the clock, wipe out the fluid with a cloth, taking care not to let any get onto

your skin.

• Replace the battery at least once a year, even if the current battery is working normally.
• The battery that comes with the clock loses some power during transport and storage.

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Battery cover





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