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Cisco unified ip conference station 7936

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Data Sheet

Cisco Unified IP Conference Station 7936

The Cisco


Unified IP Phone family provides industry-leading levels of integrated

business functionality and converged communications features beyond today’s

conventional voice systems—surpassing competitive offerings. Cisco Systems


continues to deliver one of the industry’s best end-to-end data and true voice over

IP (VoIP) solutions, offering the most complete, stylish, and feature-rich IP phones to

enterprise and small to midsize customers.

Figure 1
Cisco Unified IP
Conference Station 7936

The Cisco Unified IP Conference Station

7936 combines state-of-the-art

speakerphone conferencing technologies

with award-winning Cisco voice

communication technologies. The net result

is a conference room phone that offers

superior voice and microphone quality,

with simplified wiring and administrative

cost benefits. A full-featured, IP-based,

hands-free conference station, the new

Cisco Unified IP Conference Station 7936 is

designed for use on desktops, conference

rooms, and in executive suites.

The Cisco Unified IP Conference Station

7936 offers improvements over the existing

Cisco Unified IP Conference Station 7935

with external microphone ports, optional

external microphone kit, newly

audio-tuned speaker grill, and a new backlit

liquid crystal display (LCD) display. The

optional microphone kit includes two

microphones with six-foot cords. This

places microphones across a 12-foot area,

effectively expanding a suggested

conference room size of 20 feet by 30 feet.

The new backlit LCD display improves

visibility in low light conditions. The

display font size is also adjustable for

improved distant viewing.

The Cisco Unified IP Conference Station

7936 easily joins a Cisco Catalyst



Ethernet switch port with a Cisco RJ-45

cable connection, and configures itself to

the IP network via the Dynamic Host

Control Protocol (DHCP).

The Cisco Unified IP Conference Station

7936 offers exceptional voice

quality—virtually eliminating echoes,

reverberations, and truncated words to help

deliver a more natural conversation. It

features superb sound quality with a

digitally tuned speaker and three

microphones that minimize background

noise, allowing conference participants to

move around the room while speaking.

Connecting two optional extension

microphones to the base unit enables both

voice coverage for larger rooms and

enhanced speaker volume output.