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Connecting a DVI monitor


Make sure the power to the computer is turned off.


See the documentation that came with your monitor for information on the type of
connection that is required. Your monitor cable will have either a Digital Video
Interface (DVI)-I connector or a 15-pin VGA connector depending on monitor
type. If your monitor is a VGA monitor see

“Connecting a VGA monitor”



Connect the workstation monitor’s video cable to the primary DVI-I port
(labeled “1”) on the 3Dlabs Wildcat Realizm graphics card.

Connecting a VGA monitor


Connect the monitor’s 15-pin VGA connector to the VGA end of the DVI-to-
Analog adapter that was included with your Wildcat Realizm graphics card.


Connect the DVI-I end of the adapter to the primary DVI-I port (labeled “1”) on the
3Dlabs Wildcat Realizm graphics card.

Installing the Wildcat Realizm driver

Before installing new driver software, you must remove any existing driver software. See the Wildcat
Realizm User’s Guide included on the Product CD for additional information concerning properly
removing existing driver software.

NOTE: We recommend downloading the latest drivers from our website at


You must have the correct Wildcat driver for the Windows operating system
you are running. If you are unsure, refer to the README.TXT file located on
the driver delivery media for this information. Refer to Microsoft Windows
documentation and online Help for more information on installing drivers and
software application programs.

If you are installing your Wildcat Realizm graphics card into a Linux Operation
System, please see the 3Dlabs driver download area for driver and installation


A user with Windows Administrator privileges must install this driver. Please consult your
system administrator or Microsoft operating systems User's Manual for more information
on Administrator privileges.


Start Windows. If the

Found New Hardware Wizard

appears, click Cancel to dismiss the

dialog box. In Windows XP, dismiss the balloon asking if you want Windows XP to set
your display resolution.


Locate the driver delivery media (included on the Wildcat Realizm Product CD or as a file
downloaded from www.3dlabs.com), which contains the 3Dlabs Wildcat Realizm driver.
Insert the media in the appropriate drive or change directories to locate the driver.


In the Wildcat Realizm Driver Installation Message dialog box, click OK to begin the driver
install procedure.


If a Windows Capability Logo warning message appears, you must click “Continue
Anyway” to complete the driver installation.


You must restart your workstation for the new settings to take effect. Remove the delivery
media from the disk drive (if applicable). Click Yes to restart the workstation. In Windows
XP, choose Log off, then choose Turn off computer, then Restart.

Under Microsoft Windows 2000

On the first occasion that you install the driver you will be asked to reboot a second time so that a dual
head driver can be registered for your Wildcat Realizm card. This will allow you to run in dual head
mode with two monitors should you wish to – see the “Configuring Display Settings” section of the
User’s Guide for further details. Subsequent driver installs will only require a single reboot.

Under Microsoft Windows XP

The dual head driver will already be registered and a second reboot is not required.

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