Introduction – Dynaudio SERIES 2 ESOTEC User Manual

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Esotec / Esotar





Dear Music Lover,

Thank you for your decision to acquire Dynaudio Automotive loudspeakers for aftermarket installation. The
Dynaudio Esotec and Esotar


Systems have been developed to the same high standard as the company's

renowned home audio, professional studio and multimedia loudspeaker products. The Dynaudio Automotive
Esotec and Esotar


ranges are specifically engineered for optimum performance in a vehicle to ensure the most

precise in-car music reproduction possible. Dynaudio's advanced technology is the result of many years of
intense research and development mated to the highest quality standards in production and the company's
enduring passion for musical truth.

Dynaudio is one of very few audio companies producing loudspeaker drivers in-house
through its own dedicated development and production departments. All Dynaudio
loudspeakers are engineered and manufactured in Denmark from the finest grade materials
to the company's extremely high quality standards, and each must pass no less than 86
individual testing stations, representing the most stringent measures in the industry. The
state-of-the-art Dynaudio manufacturing facility is so advanced and features such strict
quality control measures that Dynaudio is likely to be the only specialty audio company to
have exceeded the ISO 9000 quality standard and earn QS 9000 certification.

We wish you many years of enjoying and experiencing music at the highest level of


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