Easyrig Shoulder Mount User Manual

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Congratulations on the purchase your new Easyrig Shoulder Mount

Work hand-held as if you were on sticks
The Easyrig Shoulder Mount will quickly become your most valuable companion
no matter whether you are shooting news reports, documentaries, commercials,
corporate or sporting events.

The Easyrig Shoulder Mount offers the flexibility and mobility of operating hand-
held whilst retaining stability and control and is ideal for DSLR and other small
video cameras.

Designed in Sweden for Professionals
The Easyrig Shoulder Mount is designed for professional camera operators by Johan
Hellsten, inventor of the Easyrig and Swedish TV cameraman. The Easyrig Shoulder
Mount with its dual handles and shoulder pad allows for greater operational com-
fort and freedom of control.

Top class accessories as standard
The Easyrig Shoulder Mount kit also includes an articulated arm for mounting a
monitor and industry standard 15mm rods for mounting accessories such as a
matte-box and follow focus.

Work for longer in comfort
The Easyrig shoulder Mount is fully compatible with the Easyrig Mini system and
offers increased comfort of operation. The Easyrig Mini redistributes the weight
of your rig over your shoulders and hips, providing relief for tired backs, shoulders,
arms and neck and allowing you to concentrate on filming and working for longer
periods of time.

With The Easyrig Shoulder Mount your shots will be rock steady!


Johan Hellsten
Easyrig AB