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1. The Metal Detector basic circuit is an ___________.

2. The Metal Detector transmits in the ___________ radio band.

3. The frequency of the oscillator changes when brought near ___________.

4. The LC circuit is the ___________ of the oscillator.

5. All LC circuits have a ___________ frequency.

6. An LC circuit has a coil and a ___________.

7. An inductor can be made by winding some wire into a ____________.

8. If part of the energy in the LC circuit in Figure 1 is fed to the emitter of Q1, the circuit will ___________.

9. When the radio and Metal Detector oscillators are at the ____________ frequency, the radio will be quiet.

10. Iron causes the LC circuit to oscillate at a _____________ frequency.



1. oscillator

; 2.

AM; 3.

metal; 4.


5. resonance;

6. capacitor

; 7.

coil; 8.

oscillate; 9.

same; 10.






Listed below are more kits that should be interesting and fun-to-build. They all perform different functions in
the field of electronics.

Lie Detector Kit

Model K-44

The sound will tell if you are lying. The sound
gets louder the more you lie. Fun at parties!

FM Microphone Kit

Model AK-710 / K-30

Transmit your voice on any FM radio. Range
up to 100 feet. Learn about microphones,
audio amplifiers, and RF oscillators.

Sound Activated Switch Kit

Model K-36

Clap your hands and the light comes
on . . . clap again and off it goes.
Many other uses. Complete with

0-15VDC Variable Voltage

DC Power Supply Kit

Model XP-15K

A handy portable power supply with a variable output
voltage of 15VDC. Mounted in a ventilated plastic case.
Ideal for students, technicians, and hobbyists. Great for

LED Robot Blinker Kit

Model AK-400 / K-17

With the LED Robot Blinker, you will learn
about free-running oscillators. You’ll have fun
building, displaying and learning about the
LED Robot Blinker.

Christmas Tree Kit

Model K-14

Produces flashing colored LEDs and three popular
Christmas melodies!

The FM-88K Kit is a monophonic, two-IC, FM
(frequency modulation) receiver designed to
receive FM signals in the frequency range (88-
108MHz). It uses electronic auto-scan to search
for FM stations. This scan system is done with
two button switches - one switch scans up, the
other resets to the start of the tuning position.

Two IC AM Radio Kit

Model AM-780K

New Design - Easy-to-build, complete radio on
a single PC board. Unique design allows you to
place parts over their corresponding symbol on
the PC board. Teaches the basic theory of AM
radio operation. Detailed instructions and
illustrations make it an easy and educationally
sound project.

Two IC FM Radio Kit

Model FM-88K