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GP-175 Inverter

Go Power! Electric Inc.
PO Box 6033
Victoria, BC V8P 5L4
Tel: 866-247-6527
Fax: 866-607-6527
Email: [email protected]

8. Maintenance

Very little maintenance is required to keep your inverter operating properly. You should
clean the exterior of the unit periodically with a dry cloth to prevent accumulation of
dust and dirt. At the same time, tighten the screws on the DC input terminals.

9. Warranty

We warrant this product against defects in materials and workmanship for a period of 12
months from the date of purchase and will repair or replace any defective Go Power!
Inverter when directly returned, postage prepaid, to the manufacturer. This warranty will
be considered void if the unit has suffered any obvious physical damage or alteration
either internally or externally, and does not cover damage arising from improper use such
as plugging the unit into an unsuitable power sources, attempting to operate products
with excessive power consumption requirements, reverse polarity, or use in unsuitable

This is the only warranty and the company makes no other warranties, express or
implied, including warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose.
Repair or replacement are your sole remedies and shall not be liable for damages,
whether direct, incidental, special or consequential, even though caused by negligence
or other fault.

Go Power! Modified Sine Wave Inverter

Owner’s Manual


Problem and Symptoms
Low AC output voltage
95-105 VAC.

No output voltage and LED
indicator is red.

No output voltage, LED
indicator is red.

No output voltage, no lights.

Low battery alarm on all the
time, LED indicator is red.

Possible Cause
Using standard voltmeter.


High input voltage.

Car lighter fuse, Inverter
lighter cable fuse or
interconnect cable fuse

Low input voltage.

Poor DC wiring, poor
battery condition.

Use true RMS averaging meter.

Reduce load.

Make sure that inverter is
connected to 12 V battery.
Check regulation of charging

Check and replace.

Make sure that inverter is
connected to 12 V battery.
Check regulation of charging

Recharge battery. Use proper
cable and make solid connec-
tions. Use new battery.

as short as possible and twist them together with about 2 to 3

twists per foot. This minimizes radiated interference from the


7.2 Troubleshooting guide