Go Power! GP-SWR-A User Manual

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5.0 Repair and Return Information

Visit www.gpelectric.com to read the “frequently asked questions” section of
our website to troubleshoot the problem. If trouble persists:

1. Call your Go Power!™ Technical Support team (1-866-247-6527).

2. Return defective product to place of purchase

6.0 Mounting the Remote

Step 1- Cut out the template (on page 8) attached and position it on the wall
where the remote is to be mounted.

Step 2- Mark the location of the two holes, and the square area to be cut out.
Note: Remote switch assembly requires 0.7” (18mm) minimum clear panel depth.

Step 3- Drill two holes, 7/64” (2.8mm) diameter and remove the cutout area.

Step 4- Feed the connector and wire though the cutout hole in the panel and
route the wire to the inverter receptacle (RS 232 Port).

Step 5-Position the remote switch assembly upright and secure to the panel
using the two screws provided. Plug the phone jack into the inverter. Press the
button to turn the inverter on and off.