Hamilton Buhl VP20M User Manual

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Note: Be sure to attach the USB cable to VP20M

and computer.

After following the installation procedure:

1.Click on the icon “AMCAP” then Vcap 2800 and a window will open.

4.Before capturing a video file must be set up for it. Click File > Set Capture

File,a new window will open. Type a file name with .AVI, then click Open.

Another window will open to set File Size. Click OK. This will return you to

the first window.

5.Click “Capture” > Start Capture and record the video. When finished click

Stop Capture. The video will be saved to the previously set up in Step 2

6.STATIC CAPTURE. To make a single frame, still photo simply follow Steps

1-3,but after Start Capture wait 5 seconds minimum before Stop Capture

NOTE: Files are saved as Windows AVI files and if your default is Windows
Media Player that is the icon you will see.

This function is for real time viewing only.

1.Attach the A/V cables to the camera and the monitor. Yellow is video, red is


2.Turn on

and the picture will show immediately with no other


3.The microphone can be used to provide amplified audio of the presentation.

To avoid feedback from the monitor keep the speaker pointed away from the

1.Follow steps A1 & A2.
2.Then follow steps B1 & B2.
3.Step A3 “Start Capture”.
4.Begin presentation.

A.Computer USB Operation

B. A/V Television/Monitor Operation

Dual Operation


.Open the “Device” menu and click on USB2821 Video.

3.Open the “Options” menu and click on Preview.