Mighty Mule FM136 User Manual

Wireless gate entry intercom, Access controls, Installation instructions

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rev - 09-20-10

Crystal clear two-way wireless communication up to 500 feet

Wireless Gate Entry Intercom

Thank you for purchasing the Mighty Mule Wireless Gate Entry Intercom.

Please read the directions carefully and completely before installing.

Installation Instructions

GTO - Gates That Open, LLC • 3121 Hartsfield Road • Tallahassee, Florida 32303

Telephone (850) 575-0176 • Fax (850) 575-8912 • www.mightymule.com

NEVER install the keypad portion

of this system where a person can

reach through the gate to activate it,

or where a person can touch the gate

while activating the keypad.
The recommended minimum distance

between the gate and keypad is 10 ft.

©2010 GTO - Gates That Open, LLC


Allow the

intercom base unit’s battery to

charge for 12 hours before using

the system for the first time.

Keypad Unit

Base Unit