NEMO Equipment PENTALIT4P WEDG User Manual

Pentalite™4p wedge, Removable inner tent, Pentalite

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Removable Inner Tent

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1. Snap tub to Pentalite™ shell: With Pentalite™ 4P shell
fully set up, align floor so that the mesh wall faces the
vestibule. Attach Wedge™ corner anchors to the staked
out corners, and connect snaps along floor to snaps on
the Pentalite™ shell near the ground.
2. Insert pole end in Pole Port™: Slide the end of the
Pentalite™ monopole through the Pole Port™ opening in
the Wedge™ floor. Tighten drawstring to make bugproof.
Note: Kayak paddles and other supports can sit on top of
the abrasion-resistant fabric.
3. Attach Velcro® from tub to Pentalite™ shell: Align
and attach Velcro® between the connected snaps. Hint:
to get the best alignment, hold one adjacent snap in
each hand and pull tension between them. Press Velcro®
to secure.
4. Zip mesh to Pentalite™ shell: Zip the outer edge of
the mesh panel to the flange inside the Pentalite™ tent.
This zipper is only for attachment. Interior zipper should
be used for a door.


Installing the Wedge™ Inner Tent

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The Pentalite

4P Wedge

is an inner tent custom fit to the


4P shell. Convert Pentalite

into a fully weatherproof

and bugproof shelter with separate spaces for sleeping and gear
storage with the Wedge

inner tent.