Safety notice – Raloy DVI-D KVM User Manual

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Please read the following before using your Raloy unit:

■ Unplug equipment before cleaning. Don’t use liquid or spray detergent; use a moist cloth.

■ Keep equipment away from excessive humidity and heat. Preferably, keep it in an air-conditioned

environment with temperatures not exceeding 40º Celsius (104º Fahrenheit).

■ When installing, place the equipment on a sturdy, level surface to prevent it from accidentally falling and

causing damage to other equipment or injury to persons nearby.

■ When the equipment is in an open position, do not cover, block or in any way obstruct the gap between it

and the power supply. Proper air convection is necessary to keep it from overheating.

■ Arrange the equipment’s power cord in such a way that others won’t trip or fall over it.

■ If you are using a power cord that didn’t ship with the equipment, ensure that it is rated for the voltage and

current labeled on the equipment’s electrical ratings label. The voltage rating on the cord should be higher

than the one listed on the equipment’s ratings label.

■ Observe all precautions and warnings attached to the equipment.

■ If you don’t intend on using the equipment for a long time, disconnect it from the power outlet to prevent

being damaged by transient over-voltage.

■ Keep all liquids away from the equipment to minimize the risk of accidental spillage. Liquid spilled on to the

power supply or on other hardware may cause damage, fire or electrical shock.

■ Only qualified service personnel should open the chassis. Opening it yourself could damage the equipment

and invalidate its warranty.

Safety Notice