Operation, Important safety instructions – SkyRC eFuel 230W/17A Power Supply User Manual

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In case of an error all LEDs will turn off. Please turn off the POWER and restart the power supply.


To use the power supply after you connect the device to it, set POWER to turn it on with the power
Please check all connections and confirm the wall AC outlet has power before you switch on the
power supply.
The LED will indicate output power from minimum to maximum.



Do not operate the power supply if it has been dropped or damaged in any way. Take it to a qualified
service technician for repair.

The power supply should be operated only from a standard AC outlet that provides 100-240V, 50/60
Hz. If you are not sure of the type of power supplied to your home, consult your local power company.
To protect the power supply during a lightning storm or when it is left unattended and unused for long
periods of time, unplug it from the AC outlet. This will prevent damage to the power supply from
lightning and power surges.

Unplug the power supply from the outlet before attempting any maintenance or cleaning. Do not use
liquid or aerosol cleaners. Use a damp cloth for cleaning and then wipe it dry immediately.

If your power supply does not operate normally, in particular if any unusual sounds or smells come
from it, unplug it immediately and contact a qualified service technician for repair.

Caution: To reduce the risk of damage:


Danger: To reduce the risk of fire or electric shock, carefully follow these instructions. This manual
contains important safety and operating instructions for this power supply. Before you use the power
supply, read all the instructions in this manual, on the power supply, and on the product that you will
connect to the power supply, to reduce the risk of injury:

Do not use the power supply near water (for example, a bathtub, washbowl, kitchen sink, laundry tub,
wet basement, or swimming pool).

Do not place the power supply on an unstable cart, stand or table. If the power supply falls, it could
injure a person or cause serious damage to the power supply.

Do not overload power outlets or extension cords. An overload can result in fire or electric shock.

Do not disassemble this unit; take it to a qualified service technician when service or repair is required.
Improper reassembly may result in a risk of electric shock or fire.

Do not use an attachment not recommended, this could result in a risk of fire , electric shock, or injury
to persons.

Never push any object into the slot in the power supply. It could touch dangerous voltage points or
short out parts resulting in a fire or electrical shock.