SkyRC Helicopter Optical Tachometer User Manual

Instruction manual, Opt-010 optical tachometer

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OPT-010 Optical Tachometer

Thank you for purchasing SkyRC Optical Tachometer (SK-500010). Please read this entire
operating manual completely and attentively as it contains important information.

It is a must have tool for any pilot, and can measure RPM of any rotating object, such as all
kinds of helicopters, fixed-wing airplanes with propellers and multi-copters. With high accuracy,
fast response, compact size, ergonomic design and easy operation, this Optical Tachometer
makes pilots have more fun!

As we know when the flashing frequency of 3D Glass Screen is the same as the RPM of a
rotating object, if we view the rotating object through the 3D Glass Screen, the rotating object is
“static”. At this time, the flashing frequency of 3D Glass Screen is the RPM of this rotating
object. That is the working principle of this Optical Tachometer.

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F Key (Aperture)

P Key (Preset)

LCD Display

3D Glass

Rotary Dial



Tachometer ON

LED Indicator ON/OFF

Aperture Adjustment

Preset Selection

Flashing Frequency
/RPM Adjustment


F Key

P Key

Rotary Dial


Press it to turn on the Tachometer.
(Note: It will be OFF automatically after no
operation for 30 seconds.)

It will blinking when the Tachometer is ON.

10 levels and change F0-F1-F2-F3-F4-F5-F6-F7

5 presets and change P1-P2-P3-P4-P5-P1…

Move forward or backward to increase or
decrease the valve (700-4500RPM)

LCD Display


Flashing Frequency
/RPM (700-4500)

LED Icon
(Blinking or Disappear)

Aperture Level

Battery Icon

3D Glass Screen
It is regarded as viewing window which you can look through to observe the state of the
rotating object.

LED Indicator
The flashing frequency of the LED indicator is the same as the 3D Glass Screen.
When the LED indicator is ON, the LED icon in LCD display will be blinking and when it is OFF,
the LED icon will disappear.

LED Indicator



Working Principle of Optical Tachometer

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