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Corner Weight System



Thank you for purchasing SkyRC Corner Weight System. This Corner Weight System is designed for serious
racers to measure their cars’ corner weight distribution easily, and make necessary weight adjustment to
balance their cars for the best performance.

Corner weight scales allow precise car weight distribution which is critical to on track success. The four corners
of the car may be bearing different amounts of the car weight. The unequal corner weights can be felt as the car
rolling more when turning in one direction than the other. The car’s stability is compromised which will adversely
affect its balance. A well balanced car is generally easier to drive quicker due to increased the car’s stability.

To make sure weight percentages are correct, computerised scale system must be used. Correct chassis setup
separates the front runners from the followers. Corner Weight Scales provide the necessary data for anyone to
become a chassis expert.

Ideally the car should have 50% of its weight on the Left Front and Right Rear tires, and 50% on the Right Front
and Left Rear. If your car's diagonal corner weights are not equal then its handling will be unbalanced--it will turn
better in one direction than in the other (all other things being equal).

This product consist of one main unit and four separate scales, the maximum weight limit for each scale is 2000


Designed for 1/8 buggy and truck, 1/10 buggy & touring car and 1/12 car.
Measure the car’s corner weight, front and rear distribution and make adjustment if necessary.
The maximum weight limit for each scale is 2000 grams.
Measurements can be displayed in gram, oz.
Highly accurate weight measurement in 0.1g increments (equivalent to 0.01 oz).
4 red LED screens for displaying each

corner weight measurement.

2 green LED screens for displaying front weight and rear weight.
2 green LED screens for displaying corner weighting(front right + rear left, front left + rear right).
1 green LED screen shows total weights.
4 LED screens for displaying percentage of weights distribution.
4 large, easy to clean aluminum weighting surface and easy to use 3 button operation.
Powered by 4 x AA batteries (batteries NOT included) or external DC source(6-13.8V).

Front Right Scale

Front Left Scale

Rear Right Scale

Rear Left Scale

Zero button:

ON/OFF button:
Power ON or OFF

Unit button:
select weight unit(g,oz)

Place the main unit and scales on level and firm surface when using.
Allow few seconds for this unit to stabilize after activation for best result.
Do not place object over 2000 grams on the scale to avoid affecting functionality.
Remove all dirt on scales before using, to ensure accurate reading of the scales.
Avoid direct exposure to strong sunlight and collision with other objects.
Never allow water, moisture, oil or other foreign materials to get inside main unit and scales.


Push BEFORE putting
car on scales.
DON'T push Zero AFTER
car is on scales.
This defines zero weight.

Place the main unit and 4 scales on level and firm surface
Turn on power by pressing (ON/OFF) button
Press Zero to reset
Remove sway bar if any
Place all 4 tires on each scale
You can press (Unit) button to select different unit to your liking.
With the data provided, you can add weight lead and/or move around the radio gear to
achieve the ideal weight distribution.
Hold the button for 3 seconds to turn OFF.(If no use, the system will turn OFF after 5 minutes)


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External DC source

4 x AA battery

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