StorCase Technology DE100i-CSWTN User Manual

Wide to narrow de100 carrier, Installation

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D89-0000-0090 Rev. A00

StorCase Technology Inc.

Wide to Narrow DE100 Carrier

The DE100i-CSWTN is a Data Express® DE100 carrier designed to accommodate Wide

68-pin HD devices but interfaces to a Narrow 50-pin MM (HD50) DE100 receiving frame,
specifically, the DE100-S receiving frame.

While performing the steps in this section, work on a soft surface to prevent excessive

shock to the drive being installed. Also refer to the manufacturer's documentation
provided with the drive. A #2 Phillips screwdriver will be required during this procedure.



Attach the I/O cable from the rear distribution board of the Data Express

carrier to the disk drive (Figure 1).


Attach the 4-pin DC power cable from the rear distribution board to the disk

drive (Figure 1).


Install the 5-pin ID select cable into the rear signal distribution board

connector. Refer to Figure 2 for a typical 2mm drive pin connection.


Carefully insert the drive into the carrier at an angle, cable-end first. Make

sure none of the cables are pinched. Lower the front of the drive

carefully into place. Fasten the drive into the carrier with four (4) #6-32 x 3/

16" Flat Head screws provided (Figure 1).


Attach the provided cable cover with two (2) #6-32 x 3/16" F.H. screws.

Figure 1: Drive Installation Assembly