Digicom IP Camera 300W User Manual

Day&night wireless ip camera

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IP Camera 300 08/10/2008


Wireless IP Camera

IP CAMERA 300W - Code 8E4387


MJPEG, MPEG4, 3GPP Video support


2 ways Audio, built-in microphone and Speaker Out


Infrared lights for night vision


USB port for storage on local Hard-Disk


2 zones Motion Detection


IP Camera 300W is the professional solution for Videosurveillance
applications via TCP/IP.
Local or remote videosurveillance, easy installation, versatility and
completeness of functions are its main features.

IP Camera 300W is a professional products able to satisfy the most
part of indoor applications.
Its hardware architecture, based on a powerful ARM9 processor, allows
the management f a double video streaming, one in MJPEG mode and
the other one in MPEG-4 format without losing performances.

This kind of solution is ideal to transfer the quality images (in MJPEG
mode) and at the same time to visualize a video streaming in MPEG-4
compressed mode, that is the typical application in remote positions
with a limited upload band.

Through the built-in 54 Mbps (802.11g) wireless section, IP Camera
300W is suitable in all those applications where a Wi-Fi Access Point
and an ADSL Internet connection are available.
The wireless images transfer from IP Camera 300W to the Access Point is protected by WEP or WPA encryption.

IP Camera 300W is equipped with a built-in twilight sensor that enables the infrared lights and the Day&Night
automatic profile for a performing use even in poor light conditions.

The installation is very easy and thanks to the DDNS function (Dynamic DNS) you can remote reach the
videocamera from any Internet access and display the images on the PC.

Day&Night operation