Digicom EDR 10 User Manual

Mobile & wireless, Palladio usb bluetooth edr 10

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Mobile Phone



Palladio USB


Bluetooth EDR standard

Frequency Band: 2.4 GHz (2400-2483.5 MHz)

Output power meets Class 2


Distance up to 10 meters

Bluetooth Audio support

Hi-Fi Audio support

Receive sensitivity: -84dBm

Built-in antenna

USB 2.0 interface

Data rate up to 3 Mbps

128 bit data encryption

5Vcc powered by the USB port

Status LED indicator

Drivers for Windows® XP, XP/SP2,

2000, ME, 98SE

Mac® OS X native support

Size: 49 x 17 x 9mm

CE Mark

Palladio USB Bluetooth EDR 10 01.02.06


New Palladio USB Bluetooth EDR 10, even more


This is the ideal solution for applications both on

desktop and Laptop PCs.

Based on the new Bluetooth EDR (Enhanced data

Rate) Technology and up to four time faster than the

previous technology, Palladio USB Bluetooth EDR 10

offers a better interoperability and coexistence with

other radio technologies on the 2.4 GHz frequency, as

the Wireless LAN.

Also the new Hi-Fi Audio profile in supported.

Palladio USB Bluetooth EDR 10 will choose the free

frequencies removing the interferences with the other

radio devices.

It is powered directly by the computer USB port and it

can connect the PC (Desktop or Laptop) to your

portable devices (mobile phone, PDA, printers, etc.)

It’s a Class 2 device that covers a maximum distance

of 10 meters and can reach the speed of 3 Mbps;

With Palladio USB Bluetooth EDR 10 you can:

Surf the Internet and read your e-mails with your

Bluetooth™ GSM phone (ideal for GPRS


Connect up to 7 computers in wireless mode for

data transfer;

Connect to a local area network through a Bluetooth

Access Point;

Connect to the Internet through aBluetooth Access


Synchronize the data between your computer and

the PDA;

Use Bluetooth headset.

Palladio USB Bluetooth EDR 10

Code: 8E4259