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The EB1400 is a highly transportable system, offering cooling, heating and dehumidification. It’s ductable for spot cooling

and directing conditioned air or heat into specific spaces.

Read And Save These Instructions

Read and understand manual before operating.


WARNING! Unit must be grounded.

Use indoors only.

Keep out of water.

Keep electrical components dry. If they get wet, allow
them to dry before using the EB1400.

Insert 3-prong plug on power cord into a matching
electrically grounded outlet. Never cut off third prong.


Keep air intakes clear of obstructions and dirt.
Reduced airflow can cause motor to overheat. Keep
away from draperies or other material that could block
air intakes. See maintenance instructions.

Keep air filter clean. Keep filter clear of clogging, oil,
grease or other contaminants that can be drawn into
the EB1400.


WARNING! Unplug unit before opening housing for
cleaning or servicing

Turn off unit and unplug before lifting or moving.

Handle the unit carefully. Always operate the unit on a
stable, level surface. Do not drop, throw, or place
where it could fall. Rough treatment can damage the
unit, and may create a hazardous condition or void
the warranty.

Inspect the power cord before use. If cord is
damaged, do not use. Replace with a cord of the
same type and amperage rating. Protect cord from
damage by turning off unit before unplugging. Always
grasp the plug (not pulling on the cord) to unplug.

The unit is designed to operate on a 115V/60 Hz,
15-amp circuit. Make sure that the electrical outlet is

Secure during transport to prevent sliding and
possible injury to vehicle occupants.

Keep children away from unit. Be sure unit is
inaccessible to children when unattended.

Do not attempt to disassemble or repair the unit.
For Authorized Service Centers, go to


or call Dri-Eaz

Service at 800-932-3030.


The EB1400 is a versatile unit providing dehumidification, 1-ton
cooling with 470 CFM across the evaporator and 750 CFM
across the condenser, plus focused heating and ventilation.
The unit is ductable for spot cooling and directing conditioned
air or heat into specific spaces while filtering room air and
pumping out condensate.


Ducts to and from unit for heating and cooling.
Note: Duct adapters for condenser inlet and outlet
and evaporator outlet. No duct adapter for evaporator

Refrigeration system that dehumidifies while it heats
or cools

Uniform 8” ducting size for all outlets

Digital temperature control

Durable rotomolded duct rings and housing

Wheel casters for ease of transport