Digital Audio Labs Livemix MT-1 Microphone Stand Mount User Manual

Mt-1 user guide pole mount

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MT-1-1 rev 1.0

The Pole Mount configuration allows a CS-DUO to mount on a microphone

stand that is already being used on stage, reducing stage clutter and

eliminating the expense of purchasing dedicated stands for personal


The MT-1 is compatible with pole diameters between 3/8” to 1 1/4”. This

allows the MT-1 to work with a wide variety of microphone, music and

percussion stands.

Before you begin, locate these features on the MT-1:

1. 2x Threaded knobs (1 3/4” length, 1/4” - 20 thread)

2. 1x Removable V-Clamp piece

3. 2x Captive thumbscrews (thread into CS-DUO)

To attach the MT-1 and CS-DUO to your mic/music stand pole:

1. Loosen the threaded knobs to the point where the V-Clamp can swing


2. Insert the mic/music stand pole between the V-Clamp and the back of

the MT-1.

3. Tighten the threaded knobs evenly until the MT-1 is fastened tightly to

the pole.

4. While holding the CS-DUO, slide the CS-DUO down the mount so the

back wall of the CS-DUO catches the alignment surface of the MT-1.

5. Still holding the CS-DUO, center it on the MT-1 and thread the thumbscrews into the CS-DUO by hand.

If permanent attachment is desired, the thumbscrews can also accommodate Flathead and Phillips


6. Route cables through cable management openings.