Genee World CensUs User Manual

Steps to install cens-us, Setting up & testing

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Steps to Install CenS-Us

Interactive Response Software

Setting Up & Testing

The Receiver

1.Please connect the receiver via the USB lead to your computer.

The Batteries

1.Turn the handset over and remove the back by depressing the unit down and

sliding the cover forward, (removing the screw if nessersary).

2.Insert 2 x AA batteries.

3.Replace the battery cover and secure in place by fixing the plastic cover
with a screw.


Set/change the channel number of the remote/handset.
1.Press the ‘/’ key and hold down for a few seconds until a ‘?’ appears on the display screen.
2.If the ‘/’ also appears on the display screen, then erase it by pressing the ‘del’ key once.
3.Type 1234 and press the up arrow.
4.‘ID=’ is displayed on the screen.
5.Input the remote number, which you want to allocate to this remote in three digit format. For
exampke remote number 1 – input 001.
6.Press the up arrow.
7.‘CH=’ is displayed on the screen.
8.Input the receiver channel number, whih has been changed recently.
9.Press the up arrow.
10.The remote handset gets set to the number allocated by you in step 5.

Getting Started

Once the CenS-Us software has been installed on your computer, the program will be actively
running on your system. The CenS-Us toolbar will appear on the desktop over the top of any other
running application. The toolbar provides the following functionalities:

Spontaneous Question (Light bulb icon)

- Allows you to request responses to a

spontaneous (un-prepared) question.

Voting (Grey handset icon)

- This allows the participants to give their response using their


Graph(Bar-chart icon)

-This generates a bar/pie chart based on the responses recorded

through the participant handsets and also on the basis of the participant group. It also acts as a

means to export data into Excel and Copy & Paste into other applications.

Review Presentation (Eye icon)

- This allows you to review results of a survey, which has

already been conducted, in the form of bar/pie chart or response list.

Slide Mapping Wizard (Checked icon)

- This allows you to add a folder, add a

presentation, modify folder/presentation, export, import and configure the slide attributes
(slide number, slide type, number of choices, and response type).

Before you proceed with the installation, please ensure that you save your work and close

all other programs that are running on your computer since the installation process may

require you to re-start the computer. After putting the CenS-Us CD into the disc drive the

CenS-Us software should automatically load on to the computer using the installation

wizard. Follow the steps as requested until installation is complete.

Rename a presentation

1. For example, selecting “PHYSICS KS1” presentation, will display its name and file to map in the

space provided.

2. Key in the name you want, for the selected presentation in the space provided

3. Click on the “Rename” button. The screen below shows that the selected presentation has been


Change the file name and slide attributes

1. Clicking on the “Browse” button will open a dialogue box for you to select a file to map.

2. clicking on the “Next” button will open a slide attribute grid.
3. You can update the slide attribute (Slide Number, Slide type, Choices, Response type,
Answer and Question) for the selected presentation.
Delete Slide information attributes and right click on it to open a context menu with an option to
delete the selected slide attribute.
Clicking on “Delete” option will delete
Select the particular slide the selected slide attributes.
Clicking on the “Finish” button will prompt a message asking if you want to save the changes. If
you press on “YES” button then all the current changes will be saved, if you click on ‘NO’ then the
previous status will remain.

Delete a presentation

1.Select the presentation.
2.Click on the “Delete” button.
3.A message will appear asking if you want to delete the selected presentation.
4.If you click on the “YES” button then the selected folder will be deleted.
5.If you click on the “NO” button then the previous status will remain.

Export files

This will allow you to Export files so that you could import it in another machine having Cens-Us.
1. Click on the “Export” option.
2. Select the activity.
3. Select the path where you want to export the selected folder/presentation.
4. Click on the “Finish” button will prompt a message “Export Completed” appears.

Import files

This will allow you to Import the previously exported folder/presentations. You can import files by
clicking on the “Import” option
1. Select the file which you want to import. (If file already exists it will be replaced with the new file).
2. If file is incorrect or does not exist, a pop up file query message will be prompted.
3. If you would like to prevent overwriting the duplicate file, choose the relevant option as displayed
4. Choosing “Allow Duplicates” option will import an activity with a different name (a numeric digit
will be added after the file name which already exists).
5. If a duplicate file exists this will prompt a message. If you Click on the “Yes” button this will
replace one file with a new one.
6. If you choose “Prompt for action”, you will be asked to choose whether you would like to replace
the existing file.

Should you experience any technical difficulties please contact

Genee World Technical support on, 0870 386 1900 or alternatively

email [email protected].