HP Velotechnik Streamer User Manual

Streamer operating and assembly instructions

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Operating and Assembly Instructions

Congratulations! Having chosen a STREAMER front fairing, you will enjoy your ride even more.
Customer service is very important to us! Our experienced team will be available for you in any
case of questions or suggestions.

Safety Guidelines

Your STREAMER is a front fairing designed for short wheel base recumbent bicycles. This means, the
bottom bracket is in front of the front wheel. The STREAMER is not suitable for recumbents with a bottom
bracket more than 18cm/7" above seat height as the view on the road will be affected too much then.
Please contact your recumbent manufacturer to make sure that assembling a front fairing to your recum-
bent is permitted.

Assembly has to be done by an expert craftsman. In case of any doubt, contact your local recumbent

Though your front fairing is made of transparent material, it is not meant to be looked through constantly
while riding. It has to be adjusted in a way that provides a sufficient viewing area across the fairing onto
the road.

For your first riding experience with your newly equipped recumbent we recommend a wide area away
from public roads to get used to the different handling. Facing crosswinds, especially dealing with blasts,
your recumbent will react much more sensitive now. I case this affects your riding security, you should
remove your STREAMER.

Do not use your Streamer fairing any longer if the fairing has deep scratches or tears or if the mounts are
damaged. Damaged parts must be repaired or replaced.


Your STREAMER set includes:
 the

STREAMER fairing made of transparent plastic with velcro on the inside

 the forward support with elliptical bow, tube, quickmount fix and hose clip
 the rearward support with elliptical bow, telescope tube unit with main tube bracket and hose clip

Please inform us immediately about incomplete content!

Maintenance and Transportation

To clean your Streamer, use a soft, clean cloth and warm water. You can add mild soap to the water. Do
not use chemicals such as thinner or benzine. Though the STREAMER's surface provides a reasonable
resistance against scratches, there might occur little scratches during usage. It is not possible to polish
them. Doing so, you will damage the surface.

For transportation you may roll up your STREAMER to create a coil of 30cm/12" diameter. Do not store
your STREAMER in this condition for more than three days. This will lead to a permanent deformation.
The STREAMER should be stored assembled to its supports without any external load.

Do not store your STREAMER in areas with temperatures higher than 80°C (e.g. inside a vehicle). This
may result in permanent deformation.

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