HuddleCamHD HuddlePod Air User Manual

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Ver 1.1 7/15



1. Any USB charger without a Safety Certificate may cause explosion or damage to

this speaker phone

2. As a consumable, the built-in battery will gradually lose its total capacity

between charges after repeated charge-discharge cycles.

Teleconference Function (Video or Voice

A. Computer Conferencing Function

Connected via the USB wireless adapter, this device can be used as an external
microphone and speaker for a computer, enabling software based teleconferencing.
1. Preparation for use

This device is compatible with computers running operating systems including
Microsoft Windows 7/8, Android (Version 4.4 or lower) and Apple OSX. A USB 1.1 or
higher (USB 2.0 recommended) port and network connection are required; an IM
application or VoIP package (e.g. WebEx,, Skype, GotoMeeting) with
network conferencing function should be installed. The USB wireless adapter
supplied with the device is plug-and-play without the need of custom driver

2. Power-on and Wireless Connection

Press and hold the power button until the device is turned on and enters standby
mode. In this state, the bottom right blue light blinks continuously, waiting for
receiver to be connected. When the USB wireless adapter is connected to the USB
port on the computer, the USB driver will be automatically recognized on the
computer. The triangular blue light will now stop blinking and stay on, suggesting a
successful wireless connection between the device and the computer.