JIMS 2411 User Manual

Instruction sheet for part #2411, No.2411-is, Super “powerglide™” kit (shovelhead)

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Instruction Sheet For Part #2411

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Super “Powerglide™” Kit (Shovelhead)

Please read all instructions before starting this job.

1. Refer to H.D.® Service Manual for specifications and to remove tappets and tappet blocks.
2. Remove all old gasket material and keep all foreign material out of tappet block holes.
3. Wash pushrod covers and install new seals.
4. JIMS® "Powerglide™" Tappets are assembled with a small amount of oil to ease in the adjustment. This way you will not have

to bleed down the tappet at the time of final adjustment.

6. Apply JIMS® Assembly Lube, No. 1226, to tappets and rollers. Slip tappets into blocks and install blocks.
7. With both blocks in place on case, install JIMS® Tool #33443-84. (If your case has 1/4-20 mounting holes, lube tool and

screw into the tappet screw hole to center block into case.) Tighten to 30 in/lb. Install the other block the same way. Remove
tool and install last lubed screw and finish torquing to 120 in/lb in a criss-cross pattern at 30 in/lb increments.

8. This is a good time to clean the tappet screen.
9. Locate the front pushrod and covers first. Apply JIMS® Assembly Lube, No. 1226, to top and bottom ends and threads of

pushrods. (Note: Front and rear exhaust pushrods are the longest.) With the front exhaust cam at the lowest point, adjust
pushrod with thumb and finger just until you eliminate all up-and-down free movement. (NOTE: Do not take up more than the
free play of pushrods)

10. Extend pushrod adjuster 9 wrench flats or 1 1/2 turns. To do this hold screw with a 1/4" open end wrench, while turning

pushrod with a 1/2" open end wrench until you have completed the adjustment. Tighten locknut to pushrod with two open end
1/2" wrench.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This adjustment will make the pushrod tight, which will bleed the hydraulic lifter. It will take 10-15 minutes or longer to bleed
off. It is important that the engine is not rotated while pushrods are tight. The pushrod will spin with your fingers after it has bled off properly. Tighten
lock nut. Recheck, close cover and install clips. Repeat exact procedure on other pushrods. Turn motor over several times to pump oil into the
"Powerglide(tm)" Tappet until the oil light goes out, or until oil is returning to the oil tank.

Shovel "Powerglide™" Tappet Block Kits are capable of the highest rpm a



can safely turn, at a valve lift of .700” and with the right valve

springs, valves, cam, oil, etc.

Shovel motors can have all the hydraulic benefits of the late EVO style

hydraulic system by installing JIMS


Shovel "Powerglide™" Hydraulic Tappets.

These kits will eliminate the total oil loss of the stock hydraulic units, No.


Billet Shovel Tappet Blocks with "Powerglide™" Hydraulic Tappets.

Comes complete with instructions.

Tappet block gaskets included.

These tappet blocks supersede lifter block No.’s 18603-80A, 18610-76A and tap-
pet No.’s 18522-53A. Fits Shovel Big Twins 1953 through 1984. Use 1/4”-20

screws, JIMS


No.1205, from late 1976 through 1984. Use 1/4”-24 screws, JIMS


No.2406, from 1953 through early 1976. These blocks

are designed to accommodate a gross valve lift of .550” at the valves, leaving a clearance of .035” roller to block freeplay (Please note, if
using a cam with a higher lift, a simple modification is all that is needed).


Billet Polished Tappet Blocks are made from 7075-T651 aluminum with a tensile strength of 83,000 psi, which is double the amount

of 6061-T6 aluminum and almost triple the amount of cast aluminum tappet blocks. These tappet blocks are machined to the center line of the
cam and hold to ±.002”. Also, the bores are held perpendicular to the mounting flange to ±.0002”.

At last JIMS


has designed and engineered a completely new block kit for shovel motors, stock or performance application. This new kit has an

upgraded pushrod seat at a 3/8” diameter and a 5/8” lower seat. Lowering the pushrod seat will help reduce the severe tappet pushrod angle,
making JIMS


new kit as close to an EVO tappet as possible. Kit comes with four Big Axle Tappets with new pushrod seat, one 1029-53F front 7075-

T651 tappet block polished, one 1029-53R rear 7075-T651 tappet block polished, pushrods, two tappet block gaskets and complete instruction