Df551_om3 – Datexx DESK PILOT II DF-551 User Manual

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Profit Analysis
Example1: If the cost is $19.95 and selling Price is $39.90,
what is the profit margin (%)?

Press [1][9][.][9][5] [COST] [3][9][.][9] [SELL]
Profit% =50
Example2: If the selling price is $20 and profit margin
needs to be 50%, how much the cost should be?

Press [2][0] [SELL] [5][0] [Profit%]
Example3: If the cost is $69.3 and profit margin needs to be
30%, how much the selling price should be?
Press [6][9][.][3] [COST] [3][0] [Profit%]
Sell =99
Tax & Tip Calculations
Setting the Tax or Tip Rate

To automatically calculate taxes and/or tips you need only
enter the markup value such as 15% for tips into the

1. To set a Tax rate or a tip rate press CE/AC, then Press and
hold the TAX RATE key until you hear a beep and a 0 will
appear on the display.
2. Enter the Tax or Tip rate, (enter 15 in this example), and
press TAX RATE again.
3. The Tax rate is now set.

Adding and Subtracting Tips, Taxes and Discounts

Here is an example showing a convenient tip calculation:
(This is assuming you have programmed the RATE key for a
15% tip.)
Once programmed with a value the key remains
programmed until a new value is entered.

The Dinner is $138.00
1. Press CE/AC
2. Enter 138
3. Press the TAX+ key and the tax will be automatically
added to the total.
4. The total bill with tip = $158.70
5. Press TAX+ key again and it will show the tip = $20.70

If you need to figure a senior discount (10% for example),
set the RATE using the procedure above, and this time,
when you enter the $138 dinner price, hit the TAX – key
and the discounted value or in this case, $120 will be
displayed. Press TAX – key again and the discounted
amount $18 will be displayed.

Remember, once a Tax or Tip rate is set, it will remain in
memory until a new rate is entered
The Currency Conversion Mode
Setting a Currency Rate
(Example: 1 US Dollar = 0.93 Euro)

1. Press CE/AC to clear calculations
2. Press the round CURRENCY EX RATE key and hold it
until a blinking 0 appear on the display.
3. Press (0) (.) (93) and CURRENCY EX RATE key.
4. The conversion rate is now set. To change this rate,
repeat the procedure outlined.

Example: How much is $115.00 in Euros?

1. Press CE/AC to clear all calculations
2. Enter 115 and press the FOREIGN key
3. The answer is calculated automatically and displayed
=106.95 Euros.

Example: How much is 100.00 Euros in USD?

1. Press CE/AC to clear all calculations
2. Enter 100 and press the HOME key
3. The answer is calculated automatically and displayed
=107.52 USD.
Battery Replacement
Calculator/Calendar Batteries
1. Turn Calculator Over
2. Replace Batteries following the Polarity Diagram Inside.
NOTE: Use Two AAA Batteries

Warning: (Keep batteries out of the reach of children)
Reset Feature
If at any time the Calculator or Clock freezes, Turn
calculator over and locate the reset button on the
bottom. Use an opened paper clip to push the button.
(The actual button is located inside the cover). This will
reset all functions.
Care and Maintenance
Keep the calculator dry. If it gets wet, wipe it dry before
Do not use harsh solvents or detergents to clean.