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When using the AURUM TITAN VII in biwiring / biamping mode, the woofer is driven via
the two right-hand screw terminals and the midrange and tweeter via the two left-
hand terminals. On the AURUM VULKAN VII and AURUM MONTAN VII the two screw
terminals for the woofer are located below on the connection panel and those for
the midrange and tweeter above.

Make sure you use the correct polarities in these modes and that you remove the
jumpers on the speaker terminal to avoid damaging your amplifier.

Operation with a surround

Once you have positioned and
connected your speakers as shown
in the illustration, you should perform
the necessary settings in the bass
management system of your surround
Make sure you read the user
manual supplied by your amplifier’s
manufacturer before doing this.

Beware of clipping!

Even if an amplifier’s nominal output is significantly lower than the rated power-
handling capacity of the speakers connected to it, there is still every possibility that
the speakers might be damaged if not used correctly. The nominal output quoted
merely indicates the number of watts the amplifier is capable of delivering to the
speakers with low distortion. If an amplifier is overloaded it delivers far more power
on the one hand while adding destructive direct current as well as high-frequency
oscillation on the other. This process is known as clipping and negatively affects the
sound through severe distortion in loud passages of music. When distortion becomes
audible you should turn the volume down straight away to avoid damaging the
speakers. Amp-clipping is a typical indication of overloading and always occurs
when the volume and/or tone controls is/are is turned up too high. Even when the
tone controls are set in neutral (12 o’clock) position, conventional amps already
reach their limits when subject to loud impulses as soon as the volume control is
turned well beyond the 12 o’clock position.

Care of your loudspeakers


AURUM loudspeakers are best cleaned with a soft, dry cloth. The aluminium

housing is best wiped in a longitudinal direction with a damp cloth. Do not use
You should only clean the loudspeaker systems (woofer, midrange units, etc.)
when they have become very dirty (small amounts of dust have no effect on the
acoustics). Use a soft, dry cloth or a soft brush with very gentle pressure, otherwise
there is a risk of damaging the diaphragms.
We generally advise against cleaning the tweeter diaphragms because they are
extremely sensitive to pressure!

If the silver front frame becomes dirty, spray dry foam cleaner (such as Centralin spray)
onto dirty areas, leave to work in, then simply remove with a vacuum cleaner.
Do not brush off black front frames, instead tap off or remove the dirt carefully with
adhesive tape. On no account clean using anything damp!

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