Digicom Vega 8D5565 User Manual

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Vega Wireless Camera is the new product of the

Digicom’s video products range that can transfer

the acquired images using the 54Mbps Wireless LAN

technology or via the GSM/GPRS network.

Vega Wireless Camera has been equipped with a

double sensor able to capture the images with any

light condition. It continuously verifies the quantity of

light and automatically select the Color sensor for day

visions or the Black&White sensor for night visions.

The presence of 24 infrared leds round the sensor

allow the vision also in dark conditions.

The two CMOS sensors allow the aquisition of JPEG

images with a maximum resolution of 640x480 pixel


It is possible to adjust the Color, the white Balancing,

the Brightness and the Saturation to display always

the best image.

Thanks to the two digital inputs Vega Wireless

Camera can store in its internal memory the images

preceding and following the alarm detection.

Vega Wireless Camera GPRS has got a Class 10

GSM/GPRS communication wireless interface.

Vega Wireless Camera WLAN supports the 54Mbps

Wireless LAN protocol.

After an alarm detection the GPRS version can

automatically connect to the Internet and signal the

alarm via SMS.

The user can connect to the GPRS videocamera with

any Internet browser, both via computer and mobile

phone, to display the real situation and download the

saved images.

After the pre and post alarm images has been saved,

Vega Wireless Camera WLAN will display them

through an Access Point and an Internet connection.


Double sensor Color – Black&White

Day/Night automatic detection

Infrared leds for night vision (up to 5


Max. resolution 640x480 pixel (VGA)

CMOS 1/4” sensors

Shot angle: 70


Focal length: 3.8mm

F/#: 2.0

Focus extension: 10mm ~

Sensibility: Color 1,12 V/Lux-sec; Black/

White 3,0 V/Lux-sec

JPEG image

MPEG4 (2Q06) video

WEB based local and remote


1 Ethernet port 10/100

Built-in GSM dual-band GPRS class 10

modem (GPRS version)

Built-in WLAN 54Mbps – 802.11g/802.11b

module (WLAN version)

128bit WEP encryption (WLAN version)

2 digital inputs

2 outputs for the power of external

sensors (PIR): 9Vdc or 12Vdc

3 led indicators for the device status


1 GSM dual-band external antenna on

SMA/f connector (GPRS version)

1 WLAN external antenna on SMArp/f

connector (WLAN version)

8D5564 Vega Wireless Camera GPRS

8D5565 Vega Wireless Camera WLAN

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