Elinca BX 100 User Manual

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Test and ready

9 Cell


light controls

Power display

The actual flash power is displayed in a f-stop compatible format.

The power range is 5 f-stops. The digital display, provides continuous power indication of the flash

and modelling lamp. The controls cover a continuous output range from full power 1/1 to 1/16th in

1/10th, f-stop intervals.

During charging or discharging, the display "flashes". In case of overheating or malfunction, the

display shows «ER» for error.


The "Style 100BX - 400BX" units have an integrated discharge system, protected by a thermic switch.

To avoid overheating, lower power settings of more than 2f-stop, can be discharged manually by releasing

the flash with the «Test» touch button.

The photocell is actived when the green LED (on the touch pad 9) is illuminated.

When switched ON, the unit can be remotely triggered by another flash unit !

The Style BX photocell is specially designed to work under ambiant light conditions in your

studio. Direct light or other strong light sources may reduce the sensitivity of the cell.

In difficult situations e.g. blinding, sunlight or obstacles, the additional cell with 5 m cord

(extensions available) solves most problems.

Digital power display


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