LOOQS MeeFrame User Manual

Safety instructions and precautions

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User Guide MeeFrame


Safety Instructions and Precautions

Please read the safety instructions and precautions below carefully before
using MeeFrame.

Installation Safety Precautions

 Use grounded socket/outlet.
 Use rated voltage as indicated in the manual.
 Place MeeFrame where there is good ventilation condition.
 Do not place MeeFrame where it could be exposed to high temperature

or direct sun light.

 Install where there is no electromagnetic interference.
 Do not put wet or heavy objects on MeeFrame.
 Do not install or leave MeeFrame, power cable, or LAN cables in pass

through areas.

 Do not install MeeFrame where there is moisture (eg. bathroom, rain, or

splashes of water).

 Do not place MeeFrame near any magnetic objects.
 Keep MeeFrame out of reach from infants or children.
 Only use good quality standard cables.
 Install on a level and stable surface.
 Do not install where the product may fall.

Power Precautions

 Do not use multiple power plugs on a single socket and make sure that

the plugs are inserted fully so they may not move.

 Do not touch power plug with wet hands.
 Make sure power cable is not forcefully bent, pulled, or pressed by heavy


 Unplug the power cable and store it separately when not in use for a

prolonged period of time

 Unplug the power cable and disconnect the power during lightening

and thunder strikes.

 Do not use damaged power cable, plug, or worn out socket.