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Premier Services Program (PSP) Tools: Security Overview



PSP Security Overview

Extreme Networks – through its Premier Services Program (PSP) – provides an on-demand, hosted
solution for network monitoring and analysis of IT infrastructure, including network traffic, routers,
switches, storage devices, servers and applications. The PSP software securely collects and transports
data from a customer's network devices to the PSP Data Center where it is analyzed and stored. The
data is made available to users anytime and anywhere through a hosted web application that provides
drill-down analytics, role-specific dashboards, customized reporting and sophisticated alerting.

This document describes the extensive security implemented at all levels of the Premier Services
Program’s on-demand solution, including security elements within the customer premises, security
elements within the PSP Data Center, and communications between those elements.

The document is divided into the following sections:

PSP Software Appliance and Communications Strategy

Web Interface Security

PSP Analytics Application Security

PSP Data Center Physical Security