Changing the computer boot order, Tion, see – HP EliteBook 840 G3 User Manual

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Changing the computer boot order

If your computer does not restart in HP Recovery Manager, you can change the computer boot order, which is

the order of devices listed in BIOS where the computer looks for startup information. You can change the

selection to an optical drive or a USB flash drive.
To change the boot order:


For a tablet with a detachable keyboard, connect the keyboard to the keyboard dock before

beginning these steps.


Insert the HP Recovery media.


Access BIOS:
For computers or tablets with keyboards attached:

Turn on or restart the computer or tablet, quickly press


, and then press


for boot options.

For tablets without keyboards:

Turn on or restart the tablet, and then quickly hold down the volume down button; then select f9.
- or -
Turn on or restart the tablet, and then quickly hold down the Windows button; then select f9.


Select the optical drive or USB flash drive from which you want to boot.


Follow the on-screen instructions.

Removing the HP Recovery partition (select products only)

HP Recovery Manager software allows you to remove the HP Recovery partition to free up hard drive space.


After you remove the HP Recovery partition, you will not be able to perform System Recovery

or create HP recovery media from the HP Recovery partition. So before you remove the Recovery partition,

create HP Recovery media; see

Creating HP Recovery media (select products only) on page 3



The Remove Recovery Partition option is only available on products that support this function.

Follow these steps to remove the HP Recovery partition:


Type recovery in the taskbar search box, and then select HP Recovery Manager.


Select Remove Recovery Partition, and then follow the on-screen instructions.

Restore and recovery