HP LaserJet Pro MFP M227fdw User Manual

Important, Steps 1 - 3, Select the connection method

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1. Do not connect the USB cable before installing the software. The

installation process prompts to connect the cable at the appropriate time.

If the cable is already connected, restart the printer when installation

prompts to connect the cable.

2. Continue to

“6. Locate or download the software installation files.”

NOTE: During software installation, select the option to Directly connect

this computer using a USB cable.


1. For OS X, connect the USB cable between the computer and the printer

before installing the software.

2. Continue to

“6. Locate or download the software installation files.”

Wireless network connection

(wireless models only)

Touchscreen control panels

1. To connect the printer to a wireless (Wi-Fi) network, on the printer control

panel, touch the Wireless button.

2. Touch Wireless Menu, and then touch Wireless Setup Wizard. Select the

network name from the SSID list, or enter the network name if it is not


3. Use the keyboard to enter the passphrase, and then touch the OK button.
4. Wait while the printer establishes a network connection.
5. On the printer control panel, touch the Network button. If an IP address

is listed, the network connection has been established. If not, wait a few

more minutes and try again. Note the IP address for use during software

installation. Example IP address:

6. To print from a computer, continue with

“6. Locate or download the

software installation files.”

To print from a phone or tablet only,

continue with

“8. Mobile and wireless printing (optional).”

Wired (Ethernet) network connection


Use a standard network cable.

1. Connect the network cable to the printer and to the network. Wait a few

minutes for the printer to acquire a network address.

2. Continue to

“6. Locate or download the software installation files.”

NOTE: For Windows, during software installation, select the option to

Connect through a network.



USB connection directly between the

printer and the computer

Use an A-to-B type USB cable.



Steps 1 - 3


the printer hardware setup

poster, then continue


Step 4



5. Select the connection method

Manually configure the IP address

See the printer user guide for information on how to manually configure the IP

address. See the


section of this guide.

4. Initial setup on the control panel

After turning on the printer, wait for it to initialize. To navigate the control panel, use the arrow

buttons and the OK button. Follow the prompts on the control panel to configure these settings:
• Language
• Location
• Default Settings
Under Default Settings select one of these options:
Self-managed: Optimized default settings for most users that include guided
setup and configuration steps and automatic updates.
IT-managed: Optimized default settings for fleet manageability.
Settings are fully customizable after initial setup.
NOTE: Select Print Information Page to print a page that instructs how to change the

default settings.

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