Cpu-1220 ethernet interface, Chapter 1 – Eurotech Appliances Eurotech Ethernet Adapter An0038 User Manual

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Chapter 1 CPU-1220 Ethernet interface

The CPU-1220 Ethernet interface features a single-chip Fast Ethernet controller Realtek RTL8139 that
provides 32-bit performance, 10/100Mbps auto-sensing, and full compliance with IEEE 802.3u 100Base-T
specifications and IEEE 802.3x Full Duplex Flow Control.

The versions of the Relatek RTL8139 chipset installable over the CPU-1220 board are:

- RTL8139


- RTL8139


Between the two devices there are only different electrical characteristics. It is important to know which
version of RTL8139 is installed on the board to select the proper Ethernet physical adapter and to connect or
to develop custom circuitry.

Detecting the Realtek chipset version installed into your CPU-1220

To detect which version of Realtek chipset is installed on the CPU-1220, read the printed label on the
Realtek RTL8139 chip.

Figure 1.

The Realtek RTL8139 chip