Escali Aqua Liquid Measuring Scale User Manual

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Thank you for purchasing an


Digital Scale.

Please read the following operation information to ensure the
proper function of your new scale.

How to weigh:

1) Press the “On/Tare/Off” button.
2) “0g/0oz” will appear on display.
3) Place item gently on the panel.

How to measure liquids:

Your scale allows you to weigh liquid ingredients and allows you to
change the density setting for different liquids.
During normal weighing you press the Aqua key to display the equivalent
liquid measurement.

How to change the density setting:

1) Press and hold the “Aqua” button for 2 seconds.
2) The current density setting will be displayed.
3) Press the “D+” or “D-“ button to change the density setting.
4) Press the “Aqua” button again to store the new setting.

You can visit for an overview of liquids and their density

How to use the “Tare” feature:

This feature allows the display to be reset to zero after you weigh an item
in a container or bowl. It shows the weight of additional items as if you
were to weigh them separately.

1) Turn the scale on.
2) Place the container, without the item, gently on the platform.
3) Press the operating button, and the weight of the container will be

removed. The display value will reset to “0g/0oz”.

4) Gently add the item to the container. The display will show the weight

of the item only.

5) Repeat step 3 and 4 when adding more items to the container.

Power Source: 9-volt battery

7.5" x 7.5" x 1.25" (19cm x 19cm x 3cm)


⅛ oz. or 1 gram


4lb 8oz or 2000 gram

Weight Modes: Lb./Oz, Fl. Oz, grams and Ml

Auto Shut Off: Turns off after 2 minutes of non-use.

Additional Information

1) Make sure your scale is at room temperature and on a stable

horizontal surface free of vibration.

2) This scale is not waterproof. Do not expose to moisture.
3) As this scale is a precision instrument, it must be handled with

extreme care. Avoid rough treatment, shaking or vibration.

4) Do not disassemble this scale or the warranty will be void.
5) The display value may be affected by electromagnetic disturbances

such as operating near a radio. If this occurs, move the device that is
causing the disturbance and turn the scale off and restart.

Battery Replacement/Installation:

Replace the batteries when the LCD display reads “bAtt”.
1) Remove the battery door.
2) Install a new 9V battery.
3) Replace the battery door.


Manufacturer’s five (5) year warranty, see

for full details.

Escali’s liability is limited to two (2) times the cost of the product

© Copyright

Escali LLC, 2004

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Liquid Measuring Scale




How to clear the “Tare” feature:

1) Remove all items from the platform.
2) Press the operating button and the display value will reset to
3) The scale is reset. You can continue with normal operating.

Changing the Weighing Mode:

1) Turn the scale on.
2) Press the Kg/Lb switch located on the bottom of your scale to

change to Pounds/Ounces or Grams.

3) Your scale will keep the last used weighing mode in memory and

will return automatically to this mode when you turn the scale on.

Comparison weighing with customized unit function:

This function allows you to create your own preference unit. It
calculates the weight of an object in fractions or multiples of a user
defined unit weight. It acts as a point of comparison.

1) Press the “On/Tare/Off” button.
2) Press the “Preset” button.
3) Place an object on the platform.
4) Press and hold the “Preset” button until the display shows 1.00,

and the customized unit is set.

5) Remove all items from the platform.
6) Place an item on the platform. The display will show the weight of

this item as a fraction or multiple of the preset unit (i.e. 0.85
means this item is 85% of the weight of the preset unit, 1.30
means this item is 130% of the weight of the preset unit).

Please note: The customized unit information will be in memory until
removal of the battery. Repeating step 1 – 4 will overwrite the preset
unit. Minimum weight for customized unit is 3½ oz / 100 gr. An “E” will
show on the display if the item is below the minimum weight or over
the maximum weight.

Do not place overweight items on scale

Weighing items over the maximum weight capacity will cause an
“EEEE” to display. Immediately remove overweight items to avoid
causing damage to your scale.