Always ready, Create, Enjoy – Edirol VGN-A17GP User Manual

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background image

Conventional LCD Clear Bright LCD

Note: Screen image is simulated.

Backlight (dual)

Glare filter

(high contrast filter)

AR (Anti Reflection) coating

Light from


Light from




Always Ready

Left/right button

Built-in stereo




Disc drive eject button

Modular (RJ-11) connector



RW drive


Monitor connector
(VGA, Mini D-SUB 15 pin)

Monitor connector (DVI-D)

Network connector

S-Video Out connector

Audio In/Out connectors (stereo)

Port Replicator VGP-PRA1*


USB 2.0 connector

i.LINK (IEEE1394) S400 (4 pin) connector

Headphone jack
(stereo mini)

Microphone jack
(monaural mini)

PC Card eject button

PC Card Slot (Type I/II




R e a r

15˝ SXGA+




TFT colour display



Take your imagination to the limit! Click to DVD now allows one-click photo DVD

creation directly from Cyber-shot* and images from Memory Stick, in addition to

popular one-click video DVD creation. Adobe




Standard with new

VAIO Edit Components lets you add flames or sparkles to moving subjects. And,

SonicStage has a convenient new interface for collecting, playing back, and

checking out music.

* Availability depends on region.



Outstanding visual reproduction




Sony recommends Microsoft





Upgraded software

Smooth Performance

Mobile creative studio

Built-in Wireless LAN

Flick the Wireless Switch on the front of

VAIO A17GP, connect instantly* with your

home or office 2.4GHz Wireless LAN Access

Point, and communicate freely without

cables. New VAIO A17GP is compatible with

both IEEE 802.11b and IEEE 802.11g (Wi-Fi)

Wireless LAN standards.

* A 2.4GHz Wireless LAN Access Point must be
within range.

Optional Port Replicator

New docking mechanism of Port

Replicator VGP-PRA1 lets you quickly

connect and disconnect VAIO A17GP from

AC power and peripherals, including

mouse and printer. Ample connectors on

this new Port Replicator include Optical

Digital Audio Out for Dolby 5.1ch surround

sound that can greatly enhance your

home theatre experience.

Long battery life

The VAIO A17GP virtually does away with

the need for AC power. Its innovative

architecture delivers both high performance

and lower power consumption that extends

battery life considerably. With a battery fully

charged, you have approximately 2.5

hours* of mobile power.

* Estimated battery life when the power-saving mode is
on. Actual battery life may vary with different operating
conditions and settings.






Comprised of a powerful Intel




M processor 1.60GHz, Intel



chipset and Intel


PRO/Wireless Network

Connection, this advanced technology

delivers exceptional power and efficiency

that enable a genuine breakthrough in

mobile freedom.

Luminous sensor

Wherever you go with VAIO A17GP, its

screen automatically adjusts brightness to

suit the environment, thanks to ErgoBright™

technology. This is good news for both your

eyes and the battery. You’ll especially

appreciate this feature when making

presentations in dim conference rooms.

Adjustment is gradual, to help everyone’s

eyes adjust, and manual brightness control

is of course possible as well. The sensor

itself is located beneath the speaker grille,

near the one-touch buttons.

Plug & Display

No more twiddling with controls when

connecting a projector to a notebook PC!

Using Extended Display Identification Data

(EDID) from the projector*, VAIO A17GP

automatically chooses the maximum

projector resolution and displays your

presentation material on the presentation

screen and the LCD at that resolution.

* When using projector devices that don't feature EDID,
maximum resolution output may not be implemented.

Combo —
Memory Stick slot*

This conventional looking card slot offers

new functionality. Located on the front of

VAIO for easy access, it handles not only

Memory Stick and Memory Stick PRO, but

also Memory Stick Duo without an adapter.

* Memory Stick Standard/Duo Size Compatible Slot.
Supports high speed data transfer with parallel interface
on Memory Stick PRO. MagicGate copyright protection
technology cannot be applied.

One-touch buttons

The Brightness button changes the screen

brightness setting to maximum (ideal for

DVD viewing), auto (ErgoBright™

technology) for email and web surfing, and

manual for fine-tuning. The Magnify button

lets you change screen resolution. The S1

button provides a shortcut to launch a

favourite application or put VAIO A17GP in

standby mode to save power when moving

from desk to conference room. Volume and

Mute buttons also come in handy.

High resolution
Clear Bright LCD

The new high-resolution 15˝ SXGA+

screen delivers images as bright as on

high-performance LCD television

screens, thanks to dual backlights, dual

inverters and more efficient heat

release. Black is blacker and images

are more vivid, with higher contrast and

less reflection due to an effective glare

filter and AR (Anti Reflection) coating.

Advanced external graphics accelerator

In addition to the pleasingly Clear Bright LCD, VAIO delivers extra smooth playback of graphics courtesy of a sophisticated ATI

MOBILITY™ RADEON™ 9200 external graphics accelerator supported by 64MB video memory. Want to enjoy DVD movies or play

the latest 3D games? You’ll be more than satisfied with the new accelerated VAIO A17GP.

DVD videos in one click

VAIO A17GP enables fun and easy DVD

creation. Simply load the DVD


RW drive with

your choice of DVD media, connect your DV or

MICROMV Handycam*, and click the “Create

DVD!” button of Sony’s excellent Click to DVD

software. With one click you can create your

own Hollywood-style DVD masterpiece.

* Availability depends on region.

Fluent DVD writing

The versatile VAIO A17GP enables writing to

DVD+R/RW and DVD-R/RW discs. You can

make DVD videos or archive your favourite

movies with Click to DVD, and overwrite

DVD+RW and DVD-RW discs for everyday

uses such as storing data with Drag’n Drop

CD+DVD software. Buffer under-run error

protection assures consistently high quality

copies every time.

Professional video editing

Import videos with DVgate Plus, then add professional titles,

subtitles, and transitional effects to them with Adobe




Standard video editing software. To take editing even further, use

3D Particle Maker and Motion Tracker featured in new VAIO Edit

Components (ver. 4.1) for Premiere. After editing, Click to DVD

software enables easy recording of your masterpiece to DVD.

Shoot with Handycam*

Edit with





Record with Click to DVD

Your original DVD

* Availability depends on region.

VAIO A17GP is designed
to create the most
beautiful “side line” when
opened at the angle that’s
easiest on the user’s eyes.

Elegant bronze
VAIO logo

Rounded form and
close fittings

Refined keyboard with
unobtrusive LEDs

Flush Touchpad and
handsome click

Rigid magnesium
side panels



Memory Stick Standard/
Duo Size Compatible Slot

(Memory Stick PRO compatible)

Wireless LAN

Volume buttons

USB 2.0 connector (



A/V Out connector (NTSC/PAL compatible)

Mute button/

Luminous sensor

Brightness button/indicator

Magnify button

Power button

S1 button

DC-IN connector

Network (RJ-45) connector

Monitor connector (VGA, Mini D-SUB 15 pin)

Air exhaust vent

USB 2.0
connector** (



Optical Digital Audio Out connector

Composite output

USB 2.0
connector (



Printer connector

DC-IN connector

* Availability depends on region.

** When VAIO A17GP is attached to the Port Replicator, a total of 5 USB 2.0

connectors becomes available.

Wireless LAN

Click to DVD












276.5mm (W






Approx. 3.2kg (including standard battery)

Look for the distinctive curvaceous VAIO “side line” that marks

the opening of a new era of elite performance. The strikingly

stylish and sophisticated new VAIO A17GP liberates your

creative gifts while it gratifies your pride of possession with

the most progressive form of peerless craftsmanship and

technological prowess. Revel in unprecedented design,

dazzling LCD clarity, DVD recording capabilities, Intel


Centrino™ Mobile Technology, wireless freedom, long

battery life, and far, far more. Whatever you dream,

do it now. There are no limits on your brilliance.

The elite performance curve.

Clear Bright LCD

The glare filter curbs light diffusion without
dimming brightness, realising blacker
blacks and more vivid colours. An AR
coating also minimises annoying reflection
from external light sources, resulting in an
easier to view display.


1. Glare filter (high contrast filter)
2. AR (Anti Reflection) coating
3. Light Guide Panel

4. Light from inside

5. Light from outside

6. Backlight (dual)