Eaton 9135 User Manual

Eaton 9135 ups, Product snapshot, Features

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Eaton 9135 UPS

Powerware series

Product snapshot

Power rating: 6 kVA/4.2 kW

Voltage: 230V






50/60 Hz (auto-sensing)

Configuration: Rackmount (3U) or tower

The Eaton


9135 UPS, Power-



series, resolves utility

power problems and sup-
plies continuous, conditioned
power. You get clean power
for valuable IT and network-
ing equipment, battery back-
up to gracefully handle utility
outages, and on-demand visi-
bility into UPS status from

Get more usable power for
less cost

The 9135 provides exactly
the level of power protection
needed under the conditions
of the moment—optimizing
for both efficiency and perfor-
mance. The more efficient the
UPS, the lower your utility
and cooling bills.

Under normal power condi-
tions, the UPS can operate
in high-efficiency mode at
up to 97 percent efficiency.
In double conversion mode,
the UPS operates at up to 91
percent efficiency.

Double-conversion design
for superior reliability and

In double conversion mode,
the 9135 is constantly moni-
toring power conditions—
regulating both voltage and
frequency. Even when pre-
sented with the most severe
power problems, this UPS’s
output remains within two
percent of nominal voltage.

Advanced power protection for:

• Medium-density data centers

• Banking and security systems

• Manufacturing process control

• Retail point-of-sale systems

• Telecommunications/VoIP



• Provides clean, continuous power to protect critical equip-

ment and applications from power-related downtime, data
loss and corruption, and process interruption

• Saves valuable rack space by delivering 6000 VA/4200W in

only 3U

• Offers deployment versatility through rack and tower

installation options with rail kits and pedestals provided

• Increases availability with hot-swappable batteries and

power module

• Offers extended battery runtime options to power essential

systems for more than an hour during an outage