Hsu Research Subwoofer STF User Manual

Subwoofer manual, Features

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Custom built woofers.

“The end of featureless boom.” We design our woofers for sound quality, so you will hear

clean and detailed bass not found in lesser subwoofers.

Powerful BASH amplifiers.

Our custom built amplifiers work in concert with the woofer, protecting the subwoofer

from damage and keeping distortion to a minimum.

Flexible room placement.

The unobtrusive finish, rounded corners, and overall design allows for close placement

next to listeners or discreet placement in corners.

Connects to almost any system.

“Integration is easier than ever.” Thanks to modern receivers that use Dolby Digital,

DTS, THX, or Bass Management, you can connect the subwoofer to your system with

one cable. If you have invested in a stereo-only system, integration is also simple thanks

to true 24 dB/Oct. crossovers.

Subwoofer Manual