I.C.T.C. Holdings Corporation Countertop User Manual

Countertop to floor stand assembly instructions

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Countertop to Floor Stand Assembly Instructions

Countertop to Floorstand Conversion Kits:
12 Position stand - Part #BL-3770 -
16 Position sta nd - Part #BL-3771 -

1. Remove rubber feet and base plate from counter top
2. Place counter top on the base assembly
3. Insert shelf into the side support channels, making sure that arrows on the glides are facing

down. (ref B)

4. Engage shelf into the slots.
5. Install screws at the top of the support channel. (ref A)
6. Drill new holes in the back of the counter top, using the existing holes in the floor stand using the

drill bit supplied.

7. Install the screws into the back of the floor stand.
8. Make sure the lower legs are firmly attached to the floor stand.

Insert can tray with arrows down
before attaching countertop





Drill holes in back
of counter top

Tools required:

3/8 electric drill

Phillips screw driver

Flat blade screwdriver

Countertop not
included in Kit

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