Horton Archery Horizon Archery CB300Z User Manual

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Dear Horton Customer:

Recently, Horton discovered that some of our 2012 crossbows equipped with the Anti-Dry Fire (“ADF”) feature may

remain in the “safety lock” position even after an arrow is fully inserted down the barrel. We want to emphasize that

this “ADF Safety Lock” issue does not impact the safety or shooting performance of the bow, and only affects a small

percentage of bows within certain 2012 production runs assembled in our facility.

In the event your Horton bow exhibits this ADF Safety Lock issue, there are three options to address this issue (see

link to “Instructional videos” below):

1.Disengage ADF – Customers may shoot the bow by simply pressing the “manual ADF release lever” to disengage

the ADF device and slide the safety lever to the fire position prior to shooting. An arrow must always be fully

inserted down the barrel before discharging the bow.

2.Replace ADF – A simple procedure to replace the ADF accessory with a new one, supplied by Horton free of

charge, can be performed by the end-user or retailer in less than five minutes (see below for ordering a replacement


3.Remove ADF – Alternatively, the ADF accessory device may be removed from the bow in a three minute proce-

dure by removing a pin.

The ADF Safety Lock issue was caused by an assembly procedure we implemented in early 2012 that placed a wire

coil in an incorrect location. We recently corrected and implemented a new procedure so that current production is

not impacted. Bow models that may be affected are as follows:


Serial Number’s

Cabela’s SKU#

Brotherhood & Bone Collector Models

Between 84262 and 88671

CB300, CB300Z, CB302, CB305

Team Realtree Models

Between 107055 and 112008

CB514, CB517

Fury Models

Between 22025 and 25042

CB870, CB871, CB875
Zombie Bow


We apologize for any inconvenience caused by the ADF Safety Lock if you happen to have one of our 2012 cross-

bows affected by this issue. Again, this issue does not impact the safety or shooting performance of your Horton


Instructional videos for performing the procedures listed above and instructions for ordering a replacement ADF are

available at:


or call Horton Customer Service @ 1-800-551-7468