Haan ALLPRO HS-20 User Manual

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Q: What surfaces can be sanitized by using the steam cleaner?

A: Your steam cleaner is designed to clean hard surfaces like laminates & counter-
tops, stovetops and tile, ceramic and glass as well as upholstery; any surface that will
withstand high heat.

DO NOT use on soft plastic and cold glass. On surfaces that have been treated with
wax, or on some no-wax floors, the sheen may be removed by the heat and steam.
DO NOT use on unsealed wood. This could cause the wood panel to rise. It is recom-
mended that an isolated surface area be tested to verify suitability before proceeding
to the rest of the area.

Q: Why does the “Steam Ready” light go on and off when steam cleaning?

A: This indicates the unit is re-pressurizing itself or is out of water.

Q: How long does a tank of water last?

A: A full tank will last approximately 15 minutes.

Q: Do I have to use distilled water?

A: No. But if the tap water in your area is hard it is recommended that distilled/puri-
fied water be used to extend the life of your handheld cleaner.

Q: Does the HAAN work on pet stains?

A: Yes, the HAAN is able to spot clean fresh pet stains by loosening and lifting the

Q: Why can’t I open the Pressure Locking Safety Cap during operation?

A: The high water temperature and pressure inside the tank present a safety hazard.
The cap is designed so that it can only be removed when the internal tank pressure
and or temperature is low.

Q: Will the HAAN AllPro HS-20 clean grout?

A: Yes, but it needs a little help. Steam the grout to loosen dirt and then scrub with
the Detail Brush attachment.

Q: Where does the dirt go?

A: The HS-20 does not have a suction feature, so it does not pick up loose dirt. Be-
fore steaming, vacuum or sweep away loose dirt. After steaming it is recommended
that the steamed area be wiped down with a towel to remove any loosened dirt.

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