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6. Operation


To ensure good cutting performance and ease the load
on the tool, use only saw blades that are in good con-

Do not overload the tool.


When working, always guide the tool away from the

Lift the tool away from the workpiece only once the
blade has come to a standstill.

Do not lay the tool down before the blade has come
to a standstill.


The cutting edges of the saw blade
are sharp.

The cutting edges may present a risk
of injury.

Wear protective gloves.


The sawing operation swirls up dust
and wood chips into the air.

The dust and wood chips may be harm-
ful to the eyes and respiratory system.

Wear protective goggles and breath-
ing protection.


Operation of the tool creates noise.

Excessive noise may damage the hear-

Wear ear protection.


The saw blade becomes hot when
used for long periods.

There is a risk of burning if the blade
is touched.

Wear protective gloves.

6.1 Switching on/off

1. Plug the supply cord into the electric socket.
2. Press the transport lock and then press the control


6.2 Stroke rate

6.2.1 Adjusting the stroke rate

The recommended stroke rate can be selected by turn-
ing the stroke rate regulator. When the control switch is
pressed the tool will then run up to the pre-selected speed.
The electronic speed control system maintains constant
stroke rate even under load. The recommended stroke
rate settings and information concerning the correct
choice of saw blade can be found in the product infor-
mation and in the corresponding table of applications.

6.2.2 Recommended stroke rates

(1 = low stroke rate, 6 = high stroke rate)

Material to be cut

stroke rate



Wood with embedded nails


Interior finishing, drywall






Non-ferrous metals




Stainless steel


The above settings are general guidelines intended to
provide optimum cutting performance. These also apply
when the pipe cutting adapter (accessory) is used. The
optimum setting may differ from these recommenda-
tions depending on the saw blade used, the electric sup-
ply voltage and on how the tool is used. Setting the wrong
stroke rate may cause the saw blade to wear more quickly,
and could damage the tool.

6.3 Orbital action (only WSR 900-PE /

WSR 1250-PE / WSR 1400-PE)

Use of the orbital action can increase cutting perfor-
mance in certain soft materials such as wood materials.
The orbital action can be switched on or off by moving
the orbital action selector switch as far as it will go in
each position. Move the switch only when the motor has

6.3.1 Orbital action off

Orbital action off

6.3.2 Orbital action on

Orbital action on

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