Hague Quality Water Intl 63MAQ User Manual

How to use this manual

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How to Use This Manual




Congratulations on your decision to place your confidence in a superior Hague water treatment

Recognized nationwide for built-in quality, dependability, and ease of service, this appliance
represents state-of-the-art in home water treatment.

We urge you to read this information carefully and review it again at any time you notice a

change in your water or appliance. Later in the manual, there is a Troubleshooting section.
If you are unable to fix a problem, simply call your Hague dealer for expert service.

This manual provides a reference for operation and maintenance of the following WaterMax
water conditioning appliance models: 63MAQ, 63BEQ, 63MXQ, 63MDQ, 62AMQ, 62APQ,

62AKQ and 62AJQ. Additionally, a WaterMax application chart is included for the following

filter models: 61AAN, 61AAE-BWO, 61AAR-BWO, 6AAS-BWO and 61AAF-BWO. If you
do not see your specific model listed here, your dealer has customized your WaterMax to
solve additional water conditioning problems that you may have and will be happy to explain
any additional special features.

Please familiarize yourself with the contents of this manual so that you understand what is
required of you to ensure reliable performance of your new




Hague WaterMax

water conditioning appliance is designed to be permanently plumbed

to the water supply of your home. The model you have purchased should be appropriate for
your local municipal or well water conditions. Operational, maintenance and replacement

requirements are essential for this product to perform to specifications as advertised.

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