Introduction – Hafler M5 User Manual

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Thank you and congratulations on your purchase of the HAFLER M5 monitor, the world’s finest brand in professional
audio equipment.

The M5 Monitor is a compact (5.3liter) vented 2-way nearfield passive loudspeaker offering unmatched quality and perfor-
mance in a truly professional grade product. The low profile of the M5 and lack of obtrusive or reflective grille details
enables it to project a well focused and reflection free natural soundstage in small console, workstation or meter-bridge

Although the M5 Monitor is a passive model it has the technical circuitry and features that ensure excellent sound quality
in every application. Crossover design is a 24dB/octave Linkwitz Riley that filters high frequencies to the tweeter and low
frequencies to the woofer. The circuit also incorporates optical protection for “overload” protection and a 0dB/-3dB tweet-
er pad to match the tweeter level to the midrange for the best balance in sound.

Combine the M5 Enclosure with the technical features and you’ll see the HAFLER M5 Monitor certainly reflects a great
success for Hafler in achieving a reliable reference level of performance in a compact and portable package at an afford-
able cost.

Although we realize a professional such as yourself already knows a thing or two about pro audio, we urge you to read
this manual to at least humor our technical writer. For ease of use, this manual is organized into two main sections:
Performance Specifications and Installation. “Performance Specifications” covers technical information useful for techni-
cians and engineers.“Installation” covers the set-up of your new HAFLER equipment in the system.