HP IDB5220N User Manual

Important: user’s guide addendum

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Important: User’s Guide Addendum

Attaching the Support Strap

As a safety measure, the television comes with a support strap that secures the television to the wall. When properly installed, the support
strap prevents the television from tipping or falling over.


WARNING: To prevent injury, this apparatus must be securely attached to the wall in
accordance with the installation instructions. Tipping, shaking, or rocking this apparatus
may cause injury/death.

1. Determine the type of wall you have (hollow or solid) and if you need additional hardware.

The television comes with a toggle bolt, which is meant for use in drywall. If your walls are not drywall material, use the correct
type of screw for your wall type to attach the support strap to the wall. You can find hardware for different wall types (and
installation instructions) at a hardware store.

2. From the back of the television, hold the strap to the wall to determine where the support strap will be attached. The strap should

be straight where it connects to the wall (perpendicular to the wall).

TIP: Measure using the appropriate attachment hole on the support strap. (Depending on the distance from the wall, you can use
either the farther or closer attachment hole. Use the closest hole to the television that will reach the wall.) If you are placing the
television in a corner, attach the television to the left or the right of the corner.

3. If you are not using the supplied toggle bolt, follow the instructions provided with your hardware. If you are using the supplied

toggle bolt, at the identified point, drill a 3/8-inch (10 mm) hole for the screw.

4. Slide the washer onto the screw. Then insert the screw into the appropriate attachment hole on the support strap. On the

opposite side of the attachment hole, thread the toggle-bolt onto the screw approximately ¼-inch (6 mm). (Be sure the toggle bolt
collapses towards the screw head.)

5. Insert the assembly into the drilled hole. Hold the strap tight while you fully tighten the screw.

Compatible Memory Cards

The Photo Viewer feature of the television allows you to view digital pictures by inserting a memory card into the appropriate card reader
slot on the front of the television. This television consists of a 4-in-1 plus CF memory card reader, which can read various types of cards.


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