Hamilton Watch Multi Touch Watch User Manual

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Replacing the battery

Type: Renata CR 1632

Care and maintenance

We recommend that you clean your watch regularly using a soft cloth and lukewarm water.
After bathing in salt water, rinse your watch with fresh water and leave it to dry completely.
Avoid exposing your watch to excessive variations in temperature or humidity, to strong
sunlight or stong magnetic fields.

• Incorrect operation of the pushers = different alarm from the normal beep
• No operation for 30 seconds = automatic deactivation of the glass
• No operation for 3 seconds in setting mode = exit setting mode

Touching action
(without pressing)

Listening / Vision

Additional information

Hand position display



Time for pressing on
the pushers
(e. g. 2 seconds)

Repetitive actions


Important notes

For the best reading of the temperature, remove the watch from your wrist and
wait for approximately 15 to 30 minutes. For more information see the
explanation of the thermometer on page 22.

For correct use of the altimeter, adjust it as often as possible. For more
information see the explanation of the altimeter on page 20.

The barometer function indicates a trend. Hands superposed to the left of
midday = bad weather, at midday = stable weather, to the right of midday = good
weather. For more information, see the explanation of the barometer function
on page 9.

Your watch is waterproof to 30 m. However, no function can be operated if the
glass is in contact with a liquid.

General information on use

• Activate the glass by pressing
• When the glass is activated, a flashing
bar will appear on the digital display
• Select a function by touching the corresponding area on the glass
• Brief presses on the pushers = step by step movement of the hands or incrementation
(decrementation) on the digital display
• Long presses on the pushers = continuous movement or incrementation (decrementation)


Hamilton is happy that you have chosen a timepiece from our prestigious collection. Your
Khaki Field Multi-Touch watch incorporates state-of-the-art technology. It offers permanent
analog display of the time as well as varied digital display. In addition, the following
functions are available by simply touching the glass: barometer, altimeter, chronograph,
compass, alarm and thermometer.

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