Honeywell FF-SNC User Manual

Ff-snc series

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installation information.

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Safety Products for Machine Safeguarding -

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Safety Non Contact Switch
Based on Magnetic Coded Technology

FF-SNC Series

• Meets applicable parts of European

EN 1088 standard for Interlocking
devices associated with guards

• Permanent self-checking electronic

designed in compliance with the
requirements of the EN 954-1 standard
for Category 3 protective Devices

• Operating range:

5 mm - 7 mm / 0.20 in - 0.27 in ON,
8 mm - 12 mm / 0.32 in - 0.47 in OFF

• High resistance to environmental


• ABS and Stainless Steel housings

sensors available

• Sensors sealing: IP 67
• Prewired or M8 plug termination
• Supply voltage: 24 Vdc/Vac ±15 %;

110 Vac ±15 % (only available for the
4-sensor control unit)

• Response time of the control unit:

15 ms

• Manual or automatic restart
• LED status indicator
• 2-sensor control unit: (DIN rail mount

22,5 mm / 0.89 in width)
4-sensor control unit: (DIN rail mount
75 mm / 2.95 in width)
5-sensor extension module: (DIN rail
mount 22,5 / 0.89 in width)

Interlocking guard for non locked

mechanical screens offering free access
(machines must achieve instant stop):

• Machine door or casting "open/closed"


• Guard-in-place detection, gate/access

door detection

• Control of mechanical screens used in

addition to a safety light curtain

• Food & Beverage, Packaging, Machine

Tool, Automotive and Textile.

The FF-SNC Honeywell safety non contact switch is a tamper resistant safety system for

monitoring machine guards. The actuator being a passive component, the safety
switch is the only component that needs to be wired to the control unit and cannot be
defeated by regular magnet.

Each system is made up of one or several safety switches, actuators and a control unit.

The Honeywell FF-SNC safety non contact switches are designed in compliance with
the requirements of the EN 954-1 European Standard for Category 3 Protective

The FF-SNC is especially suited for applications where perfect door alignment can not

be obtained. The FF-SNC Series can be mounted on sliding, hinged or removable
machine guards. The output of the control unit is triggered as soon as the distance
between the safety switch and the actuator is greater or equal to 8 mm / 0.32 in. This
switching distance compensates for the machine vibration or any issue with the
installation alignment.

The sensor and actuator small size makes it usable under tight space requirements.
The safety switches and the actuators provide excellent chemical and mechanical

resistance. Stainless steel housing versions fulfil the requirements of the Food and
Beverage industry.

The FF-SNC400 safety control unit comes in a 75 mm / 2.95 in package and can

monitor up to 4 sensors.

The FF-SNC200R2 safety control unit with its 22,5 mm / 0.89 in width will easily find a

place in the electrical cabinet and can monitor 2 sensors. Both control units can be
placed up to 100 m / 328 ft away from the safety non contact switches. The indicators
located on the front cover of both control units provide individual door status

The FF-SNC1EXT extension module can be added to the FF-SNC400 or FF-SNC200
control unit and allows the connection of 5 additional sensors.









per EN 954-1

Suitable for interfaces

up to

*New: M8 plug model now available