Honeywell ER200B2006 User Manual

Application, Features and benefits, Specifications

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ER150B2006 and

ER200B2006 Energy Recovery

Fresh Air Ventilation Systems


The ER150 and ER200 Perfect Window™ Fresh Air

Ventilation Systems provide proper levels of ventilation with

energy savings by transferring heat and moisture between the
exhaust and fresh air streams.


• Advanced Enthalpic Heat and Moisture Recovery Fixed

Core. Robust, high performance, reliable design transfers
heat and moisture between the exhaust and fresh air

streams, reducing the load on the air conditioner or


• Integral Balancing Dampers: For quick installation.

• Low Voltage, High-Speed Override. A simple contact

closure steps up the blower speed to high when high

demand ventilation is required. Can be connected to the
Digital Fan Timer or the Energy Recovery Ventilator

outputs on the Perfect Climate Comfort Center™ (see ven-

tilation data in 68-0171 for hook-up diagrams).

• 4-Speed Fan Control. Multi-level blower provides control

of the amount of ventilation.

• Automatic Built-in Defrost. Activates automatically to

prevent the core from freezing.

• Includes Mounting Hardware. Vibration isolation mount-

ing hardware is provided to reduce vibration.

• Insulated Cabinet with Duct Collars. Rugged steel

cabinet is insulated to reduce blower noise. Duct collars
provide easy connection of insulated and non-insulated

duct work.

• Permanent (Washable) Filters. Filters are provided to

protect the core from contaminants in the air stream. Filters

are washable.


Efficiency Rating:
Sensible Efficiency: 110 cfm at 21°F (16°C) is 79% (perfor-

mance per CAN/CSA-C439-88).

Moisture Transfer Ratio:


Air Movement:

At 0.2 in. wc external static pressure.

ER150B: 150 cfm.

ER200B: 200 cfm.

Install Weight

ER150B: 70 lb (32 kg).

ER200B: 87 lb (40 kg).


Canadian Standards Association: Approved.
ETL: Certified to UL1812.

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