HP Mobile Accessory Kit User Manual

Page 9

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Installing the Wireless Mini Mouse

STEP 1 - Battery Installation:

1 - Locate the 2 AAA sized 1.5 Volt batteries that came in your HP Mobile
Accessory Kit package.

2 - Remove the battery compartment cover located on top of your mouse by sliding
the cover backwards.

3 - Install the two batteries into the compartment paying close attention to proper
polarities, and then close the battery compartment cover.

4 - Turn the mouse on by moving the switch on the bottom of the mouse to the ON position.

STEP 2 - Connecting the Receiver:

1 - Turn on your computer and wait for it to completely load.

2 - Locate the channel select switch on both the receiver and mouse. Switch both
the mouse and receiver to channel 1 or channel 2.

3 - Connect the receiver to any available USB port or hub connected to your
computer. Your mouse is now ready for use.

Note: To prolong battery life, make sure the mouse is turned off when not in use.

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