Honeywell Enviracare Elite Bypass Flow-Through Humidifier B User Manual

Application, Features/benefits, Whole-house air quality system

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HE225A,B and HE265A,B

Bypass Flow-Through



The Enviacaire Elite HE225A,B and HE265A,B Bypass Flow-
through Humidifiers use the warm air furnace blower to
provide humidification for the whole house.


Antimicrobial coating on pad prevents the surface
growth and migration of bacteria, mold, fungus and
algae on the humidifier pad.

Bold new look with blue and white styling.

Proven technology used for high performance
humidification and enhanced comfort.

Preassembled for quicker installation.

Small footprint, light weight and reversible
components allow easy mounting on either warm air
supply or return air duct of any forced air furnace.

Interior components designed for quick maintenance
and service.

Includes easy-to-use humidity control that mounts on
the wall or duct for more flexible installation.

Continuous flushing reduces the frequency of
maintenance in a hard water installation.

AIRWATCH™ Indicator can be installed to remind
homeowner to change humidifier pad.

Five-year warranty.

whole-house air quality system