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Synchronizing with your computer

You have your new vacation photos on your phone while your business calendar is on
your computer. Why not make these types of files and information available on both
devices? With HTC Sync™, you can:

Sync your contacts between your Microsoft® Outlook®, Outlook® Express or
Windows Contacts on your computer and your phone.

Sync your calendar events between the Outlook or Windows Calendar on
your computer and your phone.

Bring your photos, videos, documents, songs, and playlists from your
computer to your phone and enjoy them on the go.

Easily import your captured photos and videos from your phone to your

Sync bookmarks inside the “HTC Bookmarks” favorites folder on your
computer and all bookmarks stored on your phone’s web browser.

You need a microSD card inserted into your phone to be able to sync multimedia files, maps,
and documents.

Installing HTC Sync

On your computer, go to the HTC support website ( to
download and install the latest HTC Sync version.

You can install HTC Sync on a computer running Windows 7, Windows Vista, or Windows XP.
HTC Sync requires USB 2.0 on your computer to connect and sync with your phone.
For trouble-free installation, first quit all running programs and temporarily exit from your
anti-virus program before you start installing HTC Sync.


After installing HTC Sync, the HTC Sync icon ( ) is added to your computer’s system
tray (check the bottom-right side of your computer screen). You can double-click this
icon to open HTC Sync.

Setting up HTC Sync to recognize your phone

After installing, set up HTC Sync to recognize your phone.

1. Connect your phone to your computer using the supplied USB cable.

2. On your phone’s Connect to PC screen, tap HTC Sync, and then tap Done.

On your computer, wait for HTC Sync to recognize your phone.

3. When the Device setup screen opens, enter a name for your phone, and then



The Device panel then opens.